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For further reading/reference, here’s what I’ve written, in reverse chronological order and by genre:

Now updated here


I have a lot of fun doing the weekly Legion reviews for Birth.Movies.Death:
Chapter One: The best fever dream you’ve never had” – (here)
Chapter Three: Something’s gotta give” – (here)
Chapter Four: Wednesday is karaoke night” – (here)

David Oyelowo on the Timely, Timeless “A United Kingdom”” for Movie Mezzanine – (here)

A UNITED KINGDOM Review: Good Enough For A Whole Miniseries” for Birth.Movies.Death – (here)

Martin Scorsese Discusses SILENCE And Grappling With Faith” for Birth.Movies.Death – (here)

Liam Neeson Talks About Faith And Filmmaking In Light Of SILENCE” for Birth.Movies.Death – (here)

“Hidden Figures Author Margot Lee Shetterly on History, Intersectionality, and Adaptation” for LitHub – (here).

“A Quiet Love Story Speaks Volumes in ‘Loving'” for Christianity Today – (here).

“11 Fall TV Shows You Need to Know About” for Relevant – (here).

“Quit Calling Them Chick Flicks” for Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics – (here).

“Why the Message of ‘Me Before You’ Is So Dangerous” for Relevant (here) – 43,000 shares.

“Bruised and Bleeding: Watching ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones'” – my first piece for Christianity Today. (here)

“Love in a Broken World,” a review of The Danish Girl for BreakPoint – (here).

“A Hero to Love,” a review of The Peanuts Movie for BreakPoint – (here).

“Of Faith, Race, and Football,” a review of Woodlawn for BreakPoint – read it (here).

“How True Art Points to God” for Relevant – read it (here).

“Breaking Addictions Crossfit,” an article I wrote about an amazing ministry in Derry, NH – read it (here).

“The Top Ten Spots for Going Gluten-Free in NYC,” for New York’s City Guide – (here).

Three movie/TV recs for Itcher – (here), (here), and (here)!

“Workplace Wisdom,” a review of The Intern for BreakPoint – read it (here).

“The Gospel According to Max” for BreakPoint – read it (here).

“Safe Space,” a review of the 2015 film, War Room, for BreakPoint – read it (here).

“The Spiritual Consequences of Selfie Culture” for Relevant – read it (here).

“Finding Truth in Our Fairy Tales” for Relevant – read it (here).

“The Real Abuse at the Heart of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey'” for Relevant (115,000 shares) – read it (here).

“The Charm of Luxembourg” (here) and “A Weekend in: Plymouth, Massachusetts” (here) for American Way.

I’ve written three articles for Relevant magazine called “Why Newest, Latest, Brightest Isn’t Always Best” (link), “When the Bible Gets Boring” (link), and “Which Avenger are You?” (link).


My prose poem, “Ghost Stories,” got picked up by Zetetic! Read it (here).

I finished my full-length play, Kairos, which was accepted into the Hotchner Festival – read more about it (here).

I wrote and directed a 25 minute play, “A Company of Wolves”, for Oxford’s Drama Cuppers competition.  It made the top four shows of the competition and we were nominated for several awards.

My short story, “The Mason Jar”, has been published in Lunch Ticket. Read it here: (link).

Another two short stories, “Chambered” and “December 1918”, have been published by The Broadkill Review.

Here’s a short (and very silly) film I worked on for my internship at Walden Media (here).

I wrote a short story for the First Year Reading Program at my school and won.  I got to have lunch with the author of the book that the story is based on.  You can read it here (link).

Born for Adversity (a middle-grade novel), is a book about two kids, Jack and Annika, who go on an adventure of sorts.

“But Break my Heart” is a short story that you can read here:

Intermittently working on another novel (title TBD) about a prince, Ben, who doesn’t want to save a princess, Zia, who doesn’t really want saving in the first place.  It also (eventually) involves a coup de etat, poison, parkour, some revolutionaries, and lots and lots of banter.

Ask me about my writing if you’re curious, and I’ll keep you posted on anything new.


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