hell (and why the sermon was fantastic).

It’s not something that churches talk about much anymore, really.  Either they’re afraid to scare people off with fire and brimstone, or they don’t think that hell is something that important in today’s day and age.  Maybe they just don’t think about it much.  Or maybe they don’t believe in it at all.

This sermon, however, was fantastic.

I heard it at my church last Saturday, and I was rapt for the entire half hour to forty-five minutes.  Firstly, the pastor did in fact reference Brian Regan, worldviews, Aldous Huxley (post!), C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, and Jonathan Edwards.  There were so many of my favorite things that the people surrounding me chuckled every time I freaked out (which was often).

Secondly, it was presented with Biblical evidence and in a philosophical and intellectual way, showing us what hell really is: the trajectory of a self-centered soul into infinity until it loses all individuality and humanity.

I believe that there is a God, and he did send his Son to die for our law-breaking, and there is a heaven, and there is also a hell.  Talk to me about it sometime.  So without further ado:


Read this: Reason for God, Tim Keller: http://timothykeller.com/books/the_reason_for_god/